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13 Things You Need To Know When Choosing A Digital Microscope
1) Screen Size
Contrary to the conventional light microscope, the most significant characteristic of a digital microscopy is not its resolution. It is actually the screen size. Most people prefer screens between 4.3" to 7.1". This is the size that most digital microscopes are sold in. They are convenient to carry and usually linked to a projector for team viewing. Digital microscopes come with screens as large as 17". You can select the size of screen that best suits your needs.

2) Image Quality
Selecting the best camera resolution when purchasing the digital camera is essential. The resolution of the digital camera is a factor in the quality and the size of the picture. Most digital microscopes feature 5 MP camera resolution however, you could also locate a camera with a resolution of 12 MP. If you want to record or save video then you need a 1080p video quality digital camera. Based on the software you use you choose, you might also be able to capture and save photos with the digital microscope. Check out this top digital microscope model for examples.

[Image: industrial-scientific.jpg]
the usb computer microscope,

3) Magnification
Magnification is the second important feature of USB digital microscopes. Magnification varies greatly among digital microscopes. You can get stereo and digital compound microscopes. Stereo microscopes may be smaller in resolution (40x or 10x) of up 400x. Compound microscopes, on the contrary, have a higher resolution of approximately 2500x. This permits more detailed study of microorganisms such as bacteria. You can choose the stereo compound or digital microscope according to your requirements. But, USB microscopes with a greater magnification need a sturdy stand in order to prevent shaking.

4) Zoom
Zoom is inevitable in any microscope, even though it has a bigger space to view the specimen. When you buy an instrument, make sure it has a good zoom. You'll get the most accurate possible view of your object if choose a zoom that is higher.

5) Material
While the body and material of a digital microscope are not the most important factors in making a decision but they should not be overlooked. Choose a microscope made of metal body with glass lenses. Certain microscopes that aren't of high-quality come with a plastic body. They are not appropriate for use in professional settings. They are popular among amateurs and young scientists.

6) Compatibility
In addition to the features like editing and saving pictures, it is critical to make sure that the microscope you are using is compatible with the gadget you're using. Many digital microscopes are Windows as well as Mac compatible. However, some do not function properly when used with iOS or Mac. You must ensure that the microscope that you purchase will work with your laptop and PC.

7) Software
There are a variety of software for digital USB microscopes. Some allow you to save and record video clips in the microscope. Some can also connect to laptops for better sight. Make sure to check the specifics of the program thoroughly to determine what features the microscope can support. The software should allow you to take pictures, view them and save them. It can also be used for editing. See this updated digital microscope model for recommendations.

[Image: microscopio-digital-optika-b-290tb-800x800.jpg]
best computer microscope,

8) Sensors
CCD sensors and CMOS sensors remain the most widely used. Digital microscopes that have CMOS cameras produce crisp images and high-quality colors that make it easy for identification.

9) Illumination
Every microscope requires light. To produce sharp pictures, digital microscopes need the best quality lighting sources. Since LED lights are energy efficient and emit very less heat and are extremely efficient. Certain models come with up to eight or six lights, others two. The microscope's panel or computer can be used to regulate the lights.

10) Accessories
A majority of digital microscopes come with an instruction manual for users, as well as some slides that are blank. Additionally, you can get a USB connector cable. The manufacturer will decide the accessories you require. For children there are prepared slides that can be used using USB digital microscopes.

11) Warranty
Microscopes come with very limited warranties. Many times, you will only find a few-day or even a months warranty. Some companies offer a 5-year warranty on their digital microscopes.

12) Purpose Of Use
When purchasing a digital microscope, it's important to consider the purpose of your purchase. Your requirements will determine the specifications of the microscope that is suitable for you. A microscope with a high magnification would be the preferred choice for a microbiologist however, a digital microscope with larger screens could be more appropriate for an analyst of gems. Have a look at this high rated digital microscope model for examples.

[Image: 13948.jpg]
celestron lcd deluxe digital microscope,

13) Budget
If you're not sure of an amount for your digital microscope yet, we suggest you make one. There are many options for USB digital microscopes, starting from the cheapest at $45 to the highest priced, at $3000. You can select from a range of specs that will meet your requirements. Better quality and enhanced features are available for purchase by paying an extra amount. If you are passionate about something, it's better to pay a little more.

In Summary
Knowing what you are looking for is the most important aspect in deciding on the best digital microscope. Once you've got it down, it is so easy to select. You can pick an extremely small LCD, 4.3", or a 17 inch LCD. The many camera resolutions and lens magnifying choices offer greater choices. For gem analysts and coins magnifications are usually smaller than those who work in medicine, science microbiology, genetics and microbiology. We're certain that you'll find plenty of options when you narrow your search on what you're looking for.

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